Saturday, July 31, 2010

Karen Day 68 - Hedgehog Dreams

Hedgehog Dreams.

6:05 AM - "MOM!!!........MOM!!!" I rush into my kid's room, "What's wrong?" "Mom, where's Hedgehog?" "I think he's on the couch." He rushes to the living room"Hedgehog! Oh silly Hedgehog, what were you doing out here?" My kid looks at me. "I need some coffee first, Honey." "Please mom? Hedgehog misses me and we have things to talk about."

8:30 AM- I have my first cup of coffee. Hedgehog, 3 and I eat breakfast together.
"Mom, Hedgehog likes Cheerios because it's not goupy and won't get his fur wet. But no milk. He also likes bugs and ghost stories." "How do you know what a ghost story is?" "I don't know."

9:30 AM- We are all in the my kids room. 3 is telling Hedgehog ghost stories, Hedgehog and I fall off the bed in fear. This goes on for quite awhile.

At some point 3 and I walked to the park. The dishes didn't get done. The laundry didn't get done. I was almost wearing pajamas and there was no time for makeup.

Back home, we had some baguette with cheese, grapes and baby carrots. Hedgehog took a nap.

Hubby came home and wondered what we did all day.
I tried to explain the Hedgehog phenomenon but I don't think he got it.

My break was to go do 40 flights of stairs. It cleared my head for awhile. Until I got home.

Hubby made dinner.
After my chips freakout the other day, he thought this was funny.

And it was.


  1. What a wonderful day...and I think your husband is hilarious with that chip!!

  2. Love the Hedgehog day. It's hilarious. As a Mom, I can totally relate to how you just can't "explain" certain days.
    Love it-