Thursday, July 15, 2010

Karen - Day 61 - Seashells

Pam and Kimmy are back for a visit and brought these beautiful shells from Florida. They can tell you the names of all the shells and what lives in them.

Baguette with cheese for breakfast before heading to the park with 3.
When we got back it was a big salad for lunch. Then I grabbed my ipod shuffle and headed out the door for a 5 mile walk and 80 flights of stairs.
This takes me about 2 hours.
Luckily Hubby is home today to take care of the little guy so I can do this.

Dinner is classic spaghetti with tomato sauce and fresh parmesan cheese with a small salad. This is my new portion size. Usually my plate would be completely full.

Today was about spending time with family, exercise and delicious food. Everything seemed to be effortless. I want more of these days.

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