Saturday, July 24, 2010

Karen Day 65 - New Destination

Early in the morning I head out for a new destination. I had spotted a little pastry shop the other day in Downtown Burbank and was excited to try it.
The sun was warm and the flowers smelled delicious from the dew. It was the kind of morning that slaps you in the face with happiness and makes you feel very small.
There is a path that goes under the freeway. As soon as I see it I start to get the "I'm about to get on a roller coaster" feeling in my stomach. At certain times of the day the light hits it just right and it's kind of beautiful.

I arrive in Downtown Burbank and it's so early almost all the shops are closed. Except for Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Which is all fine and dandy but I'm looking for...
AHA! It's open!
Burbank Pastry

These all look yummy.

What to try?

These are their version of the chocolate croissant.

I decide to go with a classic croissant.
It was absolutely wonderful. A little more like cake. I think it may have been like the croissant Shaboom ate in Germany the other day.
I wonder what Shaboom is doing right now? It's about 6:30pm in France. Maybe she's walking under a Paris bridge to get a fresh croissant. Hello my friend. Are you looking for the moon?

I have kept it for a little while, but a giant horse is about to eat it so it's time to give it back. May it light up Paris with it's moonbeams and send you my love.
Time to head home.

What will await me when I return?
Usually Hubby will clean the house. He awesome like that. About once every 3 months I come home and he's moved the furniture around. Which was startling at first but now I think it's funny.
I open the door and find him cleaning out the junk drawer. Which, I would never think to do because by it's very name IS A JUNK DRAWER. But he does this about once every 6 weeks.
I'm going to throw a giant Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in there later just to annoy him.

Here's the thing about the early birthday present to Hubby (The new BBQ), he's so excited about it I get meals like this served to me. A hamburger with jack pepper cheese, roasted red pepper on a toasted fresh roll. Along side a chili stuffed with cheese.

Everyone's asleep by 9:00pm.
We are wild over here.


  1. The horse/moon and the stuffed pepper both look amazing.

  2. He cleans the junk drawer every 6 weeks???? I'm not coveting your hubby....but I am coveting your hubby.

  3. geez i miss my old roommate... the cleaning was amazing!

  4. Those damn Bed Bath and Beyone coupons...I can't open my junk drawer because I have about 50 of them stuffed in there...

  5. I used to. But they disappear every 6 weeks!