Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Karen Day 66 - Loco

Mmmm watermelon for breakfast.

Tomatoes, goat cheese and basil on a fresh baguette.

Then Hubby made me this delicious dinner.

Grilled shrimp with avocado, onions, tomatoes, cilantro with lime juice.

This is where I had a slight freakout. A minuscule tiny rant. Some people find this charming. Here's what happened.
He served this delicious meal. I saw chips. Chips brought me down not too long ago.

Me: Wow, this looks amazing. But........ there are chips. I can't do chips!
Hubby: Then don't eat the chips.
Me: But you made this for me. I have to eat the chips. Shaboom would eat the chips. They are not her kryptonite! But, Honey, this is not Mexican Skinny! This is French Skinny! If I could lose weight eating Mexican food it would have happened a long time ago!
(Hubby is silent. Waiting for my next move.)
Me: Crap. Was that racist? Saying Mexican Skinny?
(Hubby's brows furrow in confusion.)
Me: Okay, here's the plan. I will eat this delicious plate of food. Then I will call my Mexican sister-in-law and ask her if what I said was funny or racist. Then I will not have any more chips for awhile.
Hubby: Okay. (Rolls eyes)
Me: Se how easy breezy I am? I'm just goin with the flow.
Hubby: Did you have a lot of caffeine today?

Me: Um, Rosalie? I have to ask you a question.........

Rosalie: Yes and yes. It is racist but it's funny. And since you have a Mexican sister-in-law you get to write about it because I said it's okay. And you are loco.

I love the get out of jail free card.

Buenas noches.