Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 64 from France:
Dinner Foible

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

There was some intense indoor cardio last night. I know, even my anger and annoyance at the mess in this house isn't a strong enough opponent for Obsessed! when he puts his mind to it.

There was also a lot of stairs both yesterday and today, as I was doing all the laundry that hadn't been touched while I was gone. So, although I didn't leave the house yesterday, I got plenty of exercise.

Breakfast in bed = quiche & a crêpe (of which I ate about half.)

Snack = lemon/sugar/butter crêpe (by the way, we use pure, partially salted butter.)

I brought back some Danish wine-gums (røde hunde means red dogs) that are similar to "Swedish Fish." I have been munching on these a little...

Here are the organic apricots that have no artificial coloring...

Mali, Obsessed! and I went to his friends' house tonight. They are a brother and sister who live in the suburbs south of Paris and Obsessed! offered to come and do the dessert part of the dinner - crêpe party!!!

The female hostess made what she called "spaghetti bolognese" but was less bolognese and more like 2 litres of sour cream with a miniscule amount of tomato sauce. Obsessed was so horrified that he actually gave her a hard time and made fun of her! "That is NOT bolognese. That is crap!"

I felt really bad for her as she had thrown her back out earlier in the day while vacuuming in preparation for the dinner party, knowing how allergic I am and they have FOUR CATS in one tiny French apartment. Then she spent an hour in pain standing in the kitchen cooking this sauce with her thrown out back and all she got was sass...

I admit, it was not a bolognese but it was edible.

Afterwards, everyone was really excited for the crêpe part of the evening. Obsessed! definitely Tazmanian Deviled through her kitchen and made a huge mess but the results were delicious. I had a few bites of butter/sugar/lemon, nutella/whipped cream, and tasted a chestnut cream sweet crêpe.

Then they pulled out some pickled? candied? mirabelles which is a fruit like a plum but the size of a cherry on steroids. CLICK HERE

As everyone at the party (we were about 16 people) except me is French, they all know what a mirabelle is and how they taste, so they gluttonously piled the fruit onto their chestnut cream crêpes or on the side of their plates if they were having Nutella or strawberry or banana or whatever crêpe versions. Unfortunately, at some point in the canning? process, the fruit had turned. I didn't taste them but they apparently were, from the French faces puckering around me, borderline disgusting. It was a funny site to see so many Parisien expressions even more sour looking than normal!

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