Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 59 from France:
Crossing Many Borders

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris Germany...

There was no snow (I made really good time) but a heck of a lot of traffic through northern Germany. I finally stopped south of Hamburg when I knew I'd beaten the bad weather. I had to pay to use the restrooms.

The toilets spray sanitizer and rotate the seat after each use.

Everything is very clean and orderly. I love Germany!

Good signage directing everyone where to go...

While I sat through this early morning traffic jam, I drank the ENTIRE thermos of coffee that my mom packed me. Smart freaking move, Shaboom. Obviously, I had to make an unplanned potty break that didn't coincide with getting gas. The frustration!!

Awesome bathroom advertisements. You know, because I'm always in the market for a new bike helmet when I'm doing my business.

This advert explains that the money you pay to enter the toilets isn't entirely lost. You get a little printed receipt in return that you can use towards your purchases in their convenience mart.

And for those moments in the toilet when you're feeling blocked, just the image of French cigarettes is enough to help you out...

Because of a wonderful trip taken to Cologne (Köln) with The German 15 years ago, I've always had a soft spot for this city. I stopped at the McDonald's at the city limit to photograph the freeway sign.

I bought a German croissant. Much less flaky than the French version and much more doughy.

The beautiful cathedral that miraculously made it through WWII.

More shots from Cologne...


  1. I love your pics - what are you shooting on?

  2. I LOVE the photos!
    Just to clarify, all you had to eat and drink on this day was a thermos of coffee and a German croissant?


  3. david - all those pics were believe it or not from an iphone

    karen - yeah, plus some veggies and fruit that my mom had packed me

  4. Photo's are beautiful! So was the bathroom...a toilet that sprays disinfectant and rotates the seat...come on...that's awesome!