Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Karen -Day 57- Burbank: Moving forward full throttle.

Day 57: Moving forward full throttle.
2 cups of coffee with cream and a yogurt for breakfast.

Get the stroller out. Check!
Money. Check!
Phone. Check!
Snacks and beverage for 3. Check!
Camera. Check!

That's right. I'm back.
5 mile walk in the morning.

3 and I meet Hubby for lunch.
Look at this steak salad!
I eat half of it.
My kid's a little tired of me taking his picture.

Hubby insists on driving us home.
He drives us home then I go and do 40 flights of stairs. I know, I know, it makes no sense but he's cute so I let him have his way sometimes.

I make roasted chicken and artichokes for dinner.

I will make that bitch of a scale my bitch by the next weigh in.


  1. Delcious! Oh ilove love love this blog I really must catch up with the posts! Great photos Karen

  2. My scale and I have a very off and on relationship... sorry couldn't help it.

  3. That is the Karen I missed!! The one who walks 5 miles to have lunch with hubby. And damn it...that salad looked f'n good. So did the artichokes you made. Did you just cut those in half and pop them in the oven? Hell...I could do that...I love artichokes.

  4. Thank you guys!!!
    Zanymad, I used to just steam my artichokes but one day I was buying some at Trader Joe's and a girl that worked there told me she boils them in water with a little lemon juice and in the last 10 minutes of cooking she puts some cayenne pepper and curry powder. It's my new favorite!

  5. yummy! your pictures are my new diet - no food, just thoughts.......