Saturday, July 10, 2010

Karen-Day 59- When Cody calls

When Co, one of my best friends, calls and tells me she is taking me out to dinner and can I please dress like a grown up, I hang up the phone, dust off the Discover Card and head to the Disneyland of shopping in L.A.
The Grove.

I don't own grown up clothes anymore. Just the mom uniform and some "before the kid" dresses, which don't look right.

I park on the Roof.

It's beautiful up here.

I go up and down 6 times.
Stairs. Check!

There's a brief moment of panic but I decide to delve in.
Anthropologie calls my name. I try on 30 different things.
I have lost 2 inches on my waist.
I buy some skinny jeans.
A very sexy top.
And some really cute 4 inch heels.

When I meet Co in my grown up clothes she is proud of me.
She says "It's time Co. You need more than your mommy uniform."

Cody Co!

Co's real name is Judy. But for the last 15 years we've called each other Co or Cody.
Why? One might ask.
It's a best friend's story I will save for another time.
I will tell you that we will always be best friends.
When it comes time to join the red hat society, we will be best friends.

Co picks a fun restaurant in Beverly Hills called Caffe' Roma.

We share some pasta.


And Carpaccio.

We catch up, tell some jokes and finish each other's sentences.
I go home rejuvenated. Hubby's happy that I'm happy. He likes the new outfit.
The kid's asleep.
We burn a few calories.
Bon Nuit.