Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 62 from France:
Sanford & Son Explosion

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

Breakfast in bed - Obsessed! made me sugar crêpes with butter and lemon. He's so glad to have me home.

Our lilacs are blooming in the yard. They smell terrific! And thank goodness too, because it helped me ignore the fact that it looks like Sanford & Son exploded all over the yard. The lawnmower is in the middle of the pathway. Why? It's not like anyone here ever cuts the grass except me and I know for a fact that I put it away when I mowed the day before I left. What, did you have the intention to mow but then the phone rang and you had to run inside and maybe got distracted with breaking the china, spilling milk all over the place or falling down the stairs? I know your duties as the clumsiest Frenchman must keep you really busy.

Also, how hard is it to push in your chair? You brought the entire table and chairs out to the yard?! I'm not even asking you to put them away (although that would be nice, but completely unrealistic.) I'm just asking you to not make it look like an archaeologic site where I can see exactly when you sat there, what you ate and how many people were with you. At least bring your dirty dishes and your place mats inside.


Each corner I turned in the house confronted me with more and more mess. I was so irritated that I couldn't be bothered to eat anything all day except organic dried apricots and occasional bites of the leftover crêpes from this morning. (He made me 4 crêpes, for crying out loud. One is enough.)

Did you know that when apricots are dried, they're really brown in color? The ones that we see in the store that are that orange color like when the fruit is ripe's because they've added coloring. Food for thought.

Tea and swedish cinnamon rolls that I brought back with me - a great way to end the day.

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