Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 67 from France:
Cargo Pants, Check!

Shaboom sends us her update from Paris...

I have been searching for cargo pants FOREVER. I was shooting a wedding in New York last fall for which I had this chic image of myself in sexy cargo pants and a wrappy cashmere top and sky-high heels with aviator sunglasses and my camera bag. But alas, I couldn't find women's cargo pants ANYWHERE. Yesterday, I found a cheap pair in Saint Germain des Prés.

I put on my new pants, we grabbed Le Petit Con and went for a walk with a brief detour at the pharmacy for a refill on allergy medication - I'm allergic to Le Petit Con, natch.

French kids running errands with their mum...

Petit Con is annoyed with me lately, or something. He hates being on the leash and when I let him run off leash, he doesn't listen to me like he used to. I think he's officially a teenager now. Rotten luck. Luckily, Obsessed! was with me and Petit Con still obeys his master ...most of the time.

Mali joined us and we took a long walk down by the canals. I'm stressed because I think I have to go back to LA and sort out the current disaster which is my apartment.

SwimSwim made my subletter's life hell apparently because she has moved out after 20 days of living there and now I am paying for an empty apartment. Time to make a decision.

Do I give up the home I've built for myself for the last 10+ years? Do I give up the only home I have before I have a new home? Do I try to get another subletter and risk having to deal with the same situation that has just come to pass? Do I move back to LA? I can find a job much more easily there but can I handle living next door to SwimSwim?

Obsessed! felt bad for me and tried to take my mind off my stress with ice cream. Sometimes, I really love this man. He knows what I need and he is prepared to give it to me. But why is it not enough?

He took me on a date tonight. We went to the movies and saw "Precious." I know you all saw it a million years ago in the States, but this is France. Things work much more slowly here.

I loved the movie. It made me cry - as if I need to cry more these days. I was so stressed out that I couldn't even think about indoor cardio tonight. But I walked for a few hours and there were some stairs involved. I can't really remember what I ate today, or even if I ate. Sorry.

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  1. you need to love a man who brings you ice cream.....that's my motto!