Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 64 from Burbank:The new BBQ

Breakfast 2 eggs hard boiled with a little mayo and mustard.
80 flights of stairs.

Pack up some snacks, take 3 in the stroller and walk to Lowes. Meet Hubby there. He picks out the BBQ of his dreams. His birthday present. We load the box into the car. He takes off. 3 and I walk part of the way home.

Lunch: 3 and I stopped at a restaurant that said it had home style cooking. I ordered a salad. It was GROSS. Stole some of my kids fries and got the hell out of there.

Walked about a mile and had to call Hubby to pick me up. It's now 90 degrees in Burbank and I've got a blister from my new shoes. I don't feel very French at all.

I'm finally home laying in bed with a tummy ache from that lunch. Have a little baguette and butter with some bubbly water. Strangely, I do feel a little French at this point.

Hubby puts the BBQ together and grills a delicious dinner. This could be the best birthday present I ever got myself if he cooks every night.

Apparently buying Hubby a BBQ is an aphrodesiac and makes me irresistable.
2 hours of indoor cardio.


  1. When I walk on the treadmill in my spare room can I call that indoor cardio too?

  2. Really....two hours? That's impressive.

  3. Wow!! Two hours...I can see why...that is one shiny bbq! I may go buy one!

  4. i think my husband has bbq envy......