Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Karen - Day 60 - Crepe'n Around

Hubby made me breakfast!!! He even made it look pretty for the photos.
The scrambled eggs have cheese, onions, jalepenos and bacon.
He's actually a much better cook than I am.

The morning flies by and around noon I get in the car and head to an appointment. I forgot to eat lunch and don't have time to go to a restaurant. I resign myself to the fact that I probably wont eat until dinner. The traffic was really heavy so I went down a side street near Olympic and Bundy, thinking maybe I can find a shortcut. I'm starving and cranky at this point. Suddenly I see something.
It couldn't be....
But it is!!!
A Crepe Lunch Truck!!!
The angeles sing.

Of course I have to stop here.
It's like a sign from God.
Or I'm super hungry.
Or this looks really fun.
Who cares.
I order a grilled veggie with goat cheese crepe. And a perrier.

Instead of Béchamel Sauce they used a little balsamic vinegar.
It was crispy, light and the best crepe I've had so far. Including the crepes I make.

After my delicious crepe, the long drive, the interview and long drive home I went online to find out about these guys.
You can follow Crepe'n Around on Twitter and they tell you where they'll be that day and the next.
(P.S. No one is paying me, I just think this is fantastic.)

My friend, Jennifer, told me there are a whole bunch of different "foodie" lunch trucks around Los Angeles. I have entered a happy new world.

Bon Appetite!


  1. wow, that is so cool! That would be a fun little photo shoot place to go to with a family. That truck is really cool. And those crepes good. There are no crepe places around here. :(

  2. i love food trucks! congrats on finding a crepe one.

    here's my favorite food truck in LA...


  3. That is SO COOL!!! You and Shaboom should start a French Skinny lunch truck...for sad people like me who can't cook...or a French Skinny meal delivery service! Even better! I could pre-order, you deliver, I eat and then you drive me to some scary ass flights of stairs and harass me up and down them.