Thursday, July 8, 2010

Karen-Day 58 : Boxing The Shorts

Because of the last weigh in I send an emergency email to Shaboom asking if I should lay off the chocolate croissants until I get back down to where I was. She thought this was an excellent idea.

Breakfast: Yogurt, granola and chocolate.

The next thing that happened is hard to describe. But here goes.
3 and I are playing rocket ships, while Hubby is in the other room getting dressed for work. We hear him mumbling something. 3 and I look at each other. What? We call. Hubby's incoherent mumblings get louder. What's wrong? We yell. Hubby comes out jumping around like there are a swarm of bees attacking him. He's wearing nothing but boxer shorts that seem to be in disrepair. My usually calm Hubby is in the middle of a fight with his poor boxer shorts. Ripping, shredding and cursing them until there was nothing left but an elastic band around his waist. He stands victorious with hands on hips while 3 and I laugh so hard we were crying. Somehow I manage to get out the next few sentences. "Wow Honey, you won!............If you wanted some tighty whiteys you should have just told me!..........I just want to know what they did to you!" Hubby proudly turns and walks away.
A perfect exit. I never did find out what they were fighting about.

It's time for lunch. I call Lisa.

Me: I'm just going to eat watermelon until I get back down to where I was.

Lisa: You can't do that. It's not part of the French Skinny.

Me: But if I just eat watermelon for 3 days I bet I could lose those 5 pounds.

Lisa: Would Shaboom do that?

Me: No,'re right.

We hang up and I tearfully grab the baguette and cut a few slices to go with my salad. It's so hard to not just (Knee-jerk) DIET!
There's panchetta in there.

Whew, close call.

Snack: Fage greek yogurt with honey.

Dinner: Cheese, olives and pita bread

Here's to my wild and wacky Hubby, who can always make me laugh, and my wonderful friend for talking me down off that watermelon ladder.